In the pharmaceutical filed “Quality” is the kernel of all activities and GXP is a common abbreviation referring to those compliant manners that medicine must be produced in them. The Quality System Management which is implementing in Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical Co has been set according to the International Conference of Harmonization (ICH) Q10 ; final guidance for implementing an effective quality management system for the pharmaceutical industry and other relative guidance and standards issued by Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme ( PIC/s). Beside this there are various quality system managements such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001; Quality management system, the ISO 14000; Environmental Management Standards and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System
( OHSAS) 18000 are implementing altogether in the Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical Co. In addition recently company in the view of improving its quality system, has been starting to provide ISO/IEC 17025 Standards in Quality Control laboratories including Validation /Calibration laboratory.


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