Marketing and sales Department of Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical Co.  

Represented by professional staff and is divided into Marketing and Sales section.


Mission of Marketing Department:

Marketing Departmant aims to provide the customers with the most modern scientific services through following methods.

Visit of doctors

Selection and training of Medreps

Market research and analysis of market information to use in future Marketing strategies

Participation in Medical and Pharmaceutical exhibitions, seminars, etc.

To hold training medical seminars to introduce Caspian Tamin manufacturing products to different cities of Iran.

Review the comments, suggestions and complaints of customers and transferring them to different departments of the company.


Mission of Sales Department:

To sale the pharmaceutical products through distribution companies and analysis the sales reports.

To issue contracts with distribution companies and provide the necessary services to the custumers regarding their suggestion or complains.

Having constant communication with the custumers to improve quality and also environmental performance.

To keep and expand local market share. 





Head Office:
Address: No.1, Beastoon Ave., Dr. Fatemi Sq., Tehran1431663135 Iran
Tel: (+98 21)-889 65323
Fax: (+98 21)-889 57056
Address: Caspian tamin Pharmaceutical Co., Entrance 1, Rasht Industrial Zone, Rasht, Guilan, Iran
Tel: (+98 131) 338-2511- 8
Fax: (+98 131) 338 – 2517