Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical company, has a great considerable potential in exportation, regarding its diversity of products and their great quality, especially in injection form of pharmaceutical products.
This company has started exporting since 2004. With the help of its professional experts, scientific marketing methods and by increasing the quality of its products regarding the international standards, this company has increased its marketing share in different countries.
The products which are exported, consists of more than sixty pharmaceutical products, which are exported to various countries.
The countries which this company lays its exporting markets on are: Iraq, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uganda, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Guinea, Yemen, Jordan, Vietnam etc.
At the moment, new products, package improvement, using modern research methods, improving the knowledge and expert of the employees, new methods for measuring and searching the market, and some following activities with the purpose of quality and quantity improvement are ordered and controlled by the export section of this company.


Head Office:
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Address: Caspian tamin Pharmaceutical Co., Entrance 1, Rasht Industrial Zone, Rasht, Guilan, Iran
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