Caspian Tamin pharmaceutical provide a broad portfolio of premium quality and trusted pharmaceutical brands which are capable of positively impacting public health and improving patients’ lives in our country.

Currently, our company produces more than 100 pharmaceutical products in the main therapeutic areas, such as: Cardiovascular, Infectious diseases, Analgesic΄s musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, General anesthetic, Hypothalamic & Pituitary hormones, Sex hormones, Bone modulating drugs and Vitamins.

The main focus of Caspian Tamin pharmaceutical is producing a wide range of Small Volume Parenteral (SVPs)/Ampoules. We are one of the biggest and the most successful producers of SVP injections in Iran. Our company is one of the major leaders of the hospital medicines in domestic market particularly Heparin Sodium as well as 15 other medicines which all have being exclusively manufactured by us in Iran.

We are also eager and committed to expand our portfolio by manufacturing Prefilled syringes (PFS) in the near future. (Workshop No. 1)

We in Caspian Tamin also extend our activities to manufacturing of Semisolids products such as Cream, Ointment, Suppository, Gel, as well as Oral Liquids & Syrups. (Workshop No. 2)






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