Caspian Tamin Pharmaceutical Company (Caspian Tamin) , formerly known as Iran Pharmaceutical Development and Investment Co.(IPDIC), was established in 1983 as a private joint stock company.
Caspian Tamin plant, headquartered in Tehran, is located in Guilan, northern Iranian province as an affiliate of the Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Co. (TPICO)- Iran's leading pharmaceutical holding company.

It was initially founded to invest in various pharmaceutical and foodstuff businesses. Upon the decision of the mother company to establish a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, the project started with setting up a factory on a 150,000 square meter plot with a 40,000 square meter total building area and became fully operational with the most sophisticated and modern machinery and laboratory equipment, having helped the whole process to meet GMP requirements and WHO regulations.
Caspian Tamin has been providing a large proportion of small volume parenteral dosage form needs for health care system in Iran. Apart from ampoule, which is its main focused dosage form, semisolids (cream, ointment, gel , suppository ) , oral liquids and syrups are fully operational.
We have already presented 89 pharmaceutical products to national and international market, 15 of which have being exclusively manufactured by this company in Iran.



Головной офис:
адрес: No.1, Beastoon Ave., Dr. Fatemi Sq., Tehran1431663135 Iran
телефон: (+98 21)-889 65323
факс: (+98 21)-889 57056
адрес: Caspian tamin Pharmaceutical Co., Entrance 1, Rasht Industrial City, Rasht, Guilan, Iran
телефон: (+98 131) 338-2511- 8
факс: (+98 131) 338 – 2517